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Four New Trumpet Pieces

These are ethnic trumpet pieces representing four different cultures. Each piece features a Theme and Variation. Go to Solo Trumpet Pieces.

Golden Gate Fanfare – New Organ Version

This version is slightly slower than the Brass Quartet version, with a little more fullness and breadth. Written in the same key, the organ can work together with the brass quartet for a very powerful presentation. Go to Specialty Pieces.

Court’s Music now on Sheet Music Plus

All of my compositions (except the most recent ones) are now available in sheet music form through Sheet Music Plus, the world’s best sheet music supplier. Go to Court Mast compositions on Sheet Music Plus.

New Brass Quartet – Golden Gate Fanfare

I just completed Golden Gate Fanfare, my new fanfare for brass quartet. This piece has a bright processional, wedding-march quality, so I’m now working on an arrangement for cathedral organ.  Stay tuned!………Court Go to Specialty Pieces.

New Piano Composition – Butterfly Dance

Butterfly Dance is a short festival show stopper, quick and restless.  Similar to Flight of the Bumble Bee, it’s meant to be played as fast as possible.  The performer may need to soak his/her hands after playing. Go to Specialty Pieces.

10 Trumpet Pieces are Up

My collection of Ten Interesting Pieces for Trumpet is now available for download, under Sheet Music.  These are incredibly challenging pieces for top-level players.  Each piece has something interesting and challenging for you!  Check out the audio samples, and download your favorites.  Or download the entire collection as a single PDF file. Go to Ten …

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Jazz Lead Sheets are Up

Check out the new Jazz Lead Sheets page, under Sheet Music.  There are now 21 songs, all written as lead lines with chord changes above.  And each song is scored for C-concert, B-Flat, E-flat, and Bass Clef (C-concert) parts.  So they can be played by any combination of musicians.  There are some really fun charts …

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