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Sausalito Summer. . .

If you’re looking for an album that allows you to kick back & groove, Court’s magic cornet/trumpet will do it all for you, no doubt. . . I imagine one of the reasons I’m so excited by the often funky tuneage is because they are all Mast original compositions; as regular readers of this ‘zine know, I believe pretty firmly that originals give the listener a much closer glimpse into the mind/soul of the players.

Rotcod Zzaj – IMPROVIJAZZATION Nation #85 review

Court Mast stands on jazz’s happier shores. The most obvious influences are Chuck Mangione, Herb Alpert and, on this album anyway, Jimmy Buffett. The strongest tracks are those which take the summer theme to heart. The string trio which appears on four cuts is especially effective at producing that romantic-vacation vibe. Close your eyes and you’re in Sausalito, or maybe the Caribbean…

Out of the many jazz discs we receive this has to be one of the most expressive to me. From the extremely catchy melody in “Bridgeway” to the rhythm in “West Wind” that has me thinking of watching a couple ice skate, these songs are full of vivid musical description.

Grog Mutant – The Chicken Fish Speaks

The production and mixing are first rate, but most important- this is a band that knows what it’s doing. Starting with the sweet lyric sound of Mr. Mast’s trumpet. His name may bring to mind unsavory goings on on a pirate ship, but his album is all smooth sailing.

Dan Cohen – The Muse’s Muse

It was a pleasure listening to your CD. You are an excellent trumpet player, composer and arranger. I especially enjoyed the sequencing of the compositions. It really brought dynamics and flow to the CD. Obviously you’ve spent a lot of time perfecting your craft. I wish you all the best, and I’m looking forward to hearing your next project. Sincerely, Eddie Henderson.

Eddie Henderson – jazz trumpeter

Influenced by Henry Mancini, Chuck Mangione and Steely Dan, the [Sausalito Summer] sparkles with waterfront-inspired tracks like “Water Street,” “Jib Jive,” “Gold Coast,” “Sailing Home” and “West Wind”. . . View full article.

Paul Liberatore – Marin Independent Journal

Great compositions and imaginative arrangements.

Juan Carlos Valencia

“Jazz around the World”,

2MBS. 102.5 FM

Sydney. Australia

“Tam Junction” has a sultry swing that hooked me immediately. Tim Wallace lays out the theme on flute before the horns follow on top of a rhythm section that’s definitely in the pocket. When Scott Petersen takes that bluesy solo, he’s just getting you ready for the slinky bass break that reintroduces the flute. . .

Mark Saleski –

Mast’s new CD is one of the most original I’ve been sent in a while. . . this is definitely an outside album, due to the freshness of the acoustic instruments. “West Wind” blows me back to Snoopy, while my favorite, the opening “Gold Coast” promises a cool, subtle sound. . . A recommended top-down-on-your-car experience.

Ben Ohmart –

Sausalito Summer will be listed as the #1 Added CD on the next CMJ Jazz chart in issue 1071 of CMJ’s New Music Report Magazine to be published in a couple of weeks.

CMJ – College Music Journal

Sausalito Summer is the featured CD of the week on WUMR Memphis this week.

Program Director – WUMR – Memphis TN

. . . The music on Sausalito Summer is sophisticated straight ahead containing light jazzy melodies sprinkled with boppish solos from a fine cast of players.

Edward Blanco – eJazzNews

Musically speaking, Court Mast is no longer sailing alone. The 56-year-old houseboat dweller, photographer, musician and composer is releasing his first album after a 25-year hiatus. It’s called Sausalito Summer, . . .

Andy Jones – Marin Scope Sausalito

A cornet player that gave up on the music business 25 years ago comes back to let us know he never gave up on the music. With this jazzy date about his neighborhood, this set sort of proves that you should write about what you know about. Equally influenced by Henry Mancini and Chuck Mangione, the echoes of their work are here but so are the echoes of a slew of his favorite jazz artists. . . Sophisticated, adult listening that you don’t have to be a grown-up to enjoy.

Chris Spector – Midwest Record

All About Jazz Los Angeles, Chicago, and Bay Area is featuring your new release in the next issue. . . It is a terrific listening experience. . .

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